KATE: The Kate Moss Book – Book Signing – Colette – 20.11.12

“Ce qui sa pas?”.  I was asked many times by passers by outside the iconic Colette department store in Paris this evening. Kate Moss was there to sign copies of her new book, KATE: The Kate Moss Book.

Aside from all the fans queuing patiently in line to have their moment with Kate, the cold november streets surrounding Colette were clogged with photographers, bloggers, fashion heads and most surprisingly, gangs of really young teenage girls, so young I felt old (and I’m not!) But, nevertheless, it made me think about Kate’s endurance. How has this woman had the ability to survive and remain at the top of her field for the last two decades?

It’s simple really: true love. 

Kate captivated us from the tender age of sixteen, and we are all still madly in love with her. Maybe this is why every mistake got brushed aside, every sin is forgotten; because, when in love, everything is always forgiven.

” Kate’s a very special lady” one fan told me, and with that, he vanished down Rue St Honore guarding his signed treasure. That she is. Well, true Love can last a lifetime after all.

KATE: The Kate Moss Book was written by Kate Moss, alongside Fabian Baron and Jefferson Hack and published by Rizzoli.  It reads as a celebration of her 25 year modelling career and it features  eight different covers with images by Mario Testino, Corinne Day, Inez & Vinoodh, Craig McDean, Mert & Marcus, David Sims, Mario Sorrenti and Juergen Teller.


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