Vivienne Westwood – Climate Revolution Exhibit – Conduit Street Store


Just in time for London Fashion Week on display at Vivienne Westwood’s Conduit Street store is the iconic outfit she wore to launch her “CLIMATE REVOLUTION” campaign at the Paralympics Games in London last summer. Westwood did not attend the dress rehearsal for the Paralympics closing ceremony, as she knew the banner that had been sewn inside her dress would be discovered.

Also in the windows of the store are two installations by artist Joe Rush. The sculptures created out of recycled metals and found objects are on display to passers by with slogans to promote ‘Climate Revolution’. Both Vivienne Westwood and artist Joe Rush share a common culture and interest in defending the planet- so joined together their talent, their indignations and their combativeness in an artistic and political process whose war cry is: “Climate Revolution!”


Vivienne Westwood is one of the world’s loudest voices on climate change and this exhibit is another reminder to join the “CLIMATE REVOLUTION”. If you haven’t already, sign up and get informed. Real fashion can only truly be beautiful if it is created to help change the world through ethical and sustainable practices, not the other way round.

‘ Through every walk of life people are changing their values and their behavior. This continues to build the Revolution. The fight is no longer between the classes or between rich and poor but between the idiots and the eco-conscious’ -Vivienne Westwood

For more information go to Vivienne’s blog ‘Get a Life’

Sign up to join the ‘Climate Revolution” here

Thread Gently,

Emma x

Vivienne Westwood Flagship
44 Conduit St
t. +44 (0)207 439 1109


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