Christopher Raeburn; not just a designer.

Body-con dress remade from Russian breton stripe jumpers

Christopher Raeburn is truly fashion forward. His A/W 2013-14 collection over the weekend at London Fashion Week continues to debunk the myth for the rest of the fashion world that beautiful clothes can’t be created with ethics and sustainability in mind.

The collection this season found its inspiration in WWII sea forts, where utilitarian outerwear gives way to feminine silhouettes, prints and colours.  Body-con dresses are remade from Russian breton striped jumpers. Pencil skirts and tailored trousers emerged alongside cropped biker jackets in steal grey wool covered with lace prints. Neon pinks popped under black mesh and quilted bronze. Utilitarian duffel coats in grey wool took on the appearance of an ocean, which dazzled with flecks of blue and bronze. This collection was all about detail and tailoring, and it demanded attention.

Raeburn’s collection is complete and slick in its execution.  It’s wearable, functional and fashionable with ethics and sustainability at its heart. With each season Raeburn is proving to be not just a designer, but a pioneer as well. This is the future of fashion design and production, and with Raeburn at the helm it looks brighter than it has done in years.

For the complete collection click here.




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