Sophia Rogge: Designer/Environmentalist

Sophia Rogge: Designer/Environmentalist Extraordinaire

The sun is finally shining in Paris and I have just booked my summer vacation (two weeks in a yurt in the south of France if you must know!). I probably wont need a sarong for running about fields, but this is on my wish list none the less. It would make a beautiful scarf as well.

Fashion and activism now more than ever need each other because the capacity for change when the two combine is limitless. Sophia Rogge is one designer /environmentalist aiming to be a part of that change.

Through her namesake brand she aims to create beautiful accessories, while at the same time campaign for coral reef protection.

Every day precious reefs are being wiped out by unsustainable fishing, pollution and most catastrophically, climate change. Sophia also donates 10% from every item sold to Corals for Conservation.

So if you have to buy a sarong this summer, or anything for that matter keep researching for where and how you can make a difference through your consumer choices. Sarong available from
It’s made from 100% organic cotton, printed with natural dyes and retails for ยฃ65.




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