Dotty for Britches!

Dotty for Britches!

As soon as I saw these pants I couldnt resist a post. Made from super soft organic cotton with hand stamped polka-dots, and made in the USA.

Available from STATE for $32 dollars. My new lounge pants 🙂

Emma x

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The 10 Year Hoodie!

‘Planned obsolescence’ Ever hear of that? It’s a way that manufacturers purposely make clothes badly.They do this so they wear out faster.

One of several ways this is done is by using course thread on delicate fabric to create holes. Then consumers return to the stores faster, to buy faster, to replace faster. It’s ‘Fast Fashion’ in action. (Have a look at my post “Buy Less, Choose Well” for more info on ‘Fast Fashion’)

But one company is standing up to say “NO MORE”. The 10 Year Hoodie from US brand Flint and Tinder is a super high quality garment that will be made in the USA from the softest cotton and brass hardware, and comes with a guarantee unlike any other garment you own. If at any time in the ten years the hoodie rips, tares or comes apart for any reason Flint and Tinder will repair it… FOR FREE!

Check out the Flint and Tinder website for more details. At $89 each these are one hell of a bargain.

Emma x

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H&M S/S Conscious collection is now available in stores

The new H&M Conscious collection is now available in stores But while we are on the topic, have a read of this when buying high street sustainable collections! Its something to bare in mind:

Fast fashion retailers can’t sell sustainability. The business model will not allow it. Sustainable fashion is all about economics!


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Hippy, Hippy Chic: Dono di Isis

Hippy, Hippy Chic: Dono di Isis

Check out Dono Di Isis – A truly unique brand that sources its materials by searching the most remote villages of Peru for artisanal produced textiles and leathers.

“My brand truly benefits the environment and the community of the artisans, because we want to support their commercial activities and to encourage them to continue using their ancestral techniques (producing the fabrics using handloom weaving and dying the threads with natural pigments) so we can avoid their precious techniques disappearing,” states Olivera

Yes – that fabric in the photo is made on a loom by hand!

Click the image above for my article on Eluxe Magazine.

Emma x

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